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March 14, 2021

How to Pack a Storage Unit: 3 Tips from Stirling Storage in Phoenixville PA

Searching for the best place in Phoenixville PA for self storage? Stirling Storage offers temperature-controlled storage solutions on Kimberton Road. Let our storage experts assist you in choosing the right size storage unit and amenities for your items. Then follow our tips below to pack your storage unit efficiently.

Tricks to Pack Your Storage Unit Neatly

  1. Do not go in without a layout plan, especially for larger storage units. Consider which items can be stacked, which boxes have valuable/fragile contents (store them in the back of the storage unit), and which items you will plan on swapping out frequently (store by the door). We recommend leaving a center aisle to allow room to move around and access all the corners of your storage unit.
  2. Take advantage the storage supplies sold in our office. You can purchase any packing supplies you need at our storage office, and our staff can offer their guidance for proper precautionary measures for your items.
  3. Labels are your friend. It is worth the extra step to at least label your boxes to categorize the items inside. For example, “kitchen utensils,” “old clothes,” “family photos” will go a long way when you are searching for a specific item later.

pack storage unit tips

Find Self Storage in Phoenixville PA

Are you looking to storage sensitive objects? Stirling Storage has a temperature-controlled storage facility that can protect your belongings from fluctuations in temperature occurring outside. We offer multiple ways for you to find your perfect Phoenixville PA storage unit. Come by our storage office on Kimberton Road or call to speak to our experts about the best options for what you are looking to store. They can help you pick out features, a size, and a long-term or short-term renting plan. You can also rent or reserve your storage with Stirling Storage online!