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Moss Hill Self Storage Date: [date_today]
300 Moss Hill Lane Monthly Rental: [unit_price]
Salisbury, MD 21801 Unit Size: [unit_size]
Tel: 410 546-2282 / Unit#: [unit_name]
Gate code:[gatecode]*
Make sure to punch Star key after 4 digits #

Name: [tenant_firstname] [tenant_lastname]
Address: [tenant_address] [tenant_city] [tenant_zipcode]
Phone: [tenant_phone]
Drivers Licence#: [tenant_driverlicense] [tenant_driverlicense_state]
Email Address: [tenant_email]
Person To Contact in Case of Emergency:
Name: [tenant_alt_firstname] [tenant_alt_lastname]
Phone: [tenant_alt_phone]

Month To Month Lease

This agreement dated [date_today], between [tenant_firstname] [tenant_lastname] (hereinafter referred to as Lessee) and [facility_name] (hereinafter referred to as Lessor).Lessor does hereby rent to Lessee storage unit number [unit_name]([unit_size]) in a building located at 300 Moss Hill Lane, Salisbury MD 21804 to be used as storage for personal or business property for the monthly rate of [unit_price] payable on [tenant_duedate] payable on [tenant_duedate] day of each month hereinafter. Rental payment is payable in advance.

*** Lessor does not prorate monthly rent. Monthly rent payment is for a full month period.***Lessor acknowledges receipt of the sum of [unit_price] as per Lessee’s receipt, representing Lessee’s first month rental payment.Vacating: Lessee must vacate by due date, otherwise will be charged another month’s rent. Lessee must give Three (3) days notice to lessor prior to vacating unit(s). Lessee must remove all items stored in storage unit(s) and remove his/hers personal lock from storage unit door after vacating unit.

***If Anything is left in unit(s), LESSEE WILL BE CHARGED A TRASH REMOVAL AND DUMP FEE FROM $50-$250.***If Lock is Left on Unit(s)’ Door, LESSEE WILL CONTINUE TO BE LIABLE FOR UNIT’S MONTHLY RENT UNTIL LESSEE’S PERSONAL LOCK IS REMOVED FROM UNIT DOOR. Quiet Enjoyement: Lessor covenants for the quiet enjoyment of the unit(s) by lessee during the term of this lease.

Lessee’s Covenants (a) Lessee hereby covenant(s) to pay the rent when due, (b) to not use the unit(s) for any other use other than a storage area for peronal property, and to not store anything outside of the unit(s), (c) to make no alterations or changes within unit(s), (d) to not use electricity in or outside the unit except for the luminescence of one light bulb, (e) to not store any type of FOOD, drinks, pet food, bird food, seeds, or any Consumable items within unit(s) ** Lessee will be charged a $250 fine for food and/or evidence of food is found in unit(s)

(f) to not store Explosives,Flammable material, Tires, Corrosives, Contraband, Illicit or Hazardous material (See Attached Adendum), (g) to deliver the unit(s) at the end of his/her lease in as good a condition as was delivered to Lessee, reasonable wear and tear expected, to clear unit(s) of all personal property, (h) to not park vehicles overnight within facility, (i) to not use the unit(s) as residence, to not live in unit(s), or use it for office and/or shop, (j) to not operate ATV’s, 4-wheelers, dirtbikes and any other recreational vehicles within facility or its adjascent field (k) to not loiter in or outside of unit and facility (l) to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this lease agreement and on the attached rules and regulations form.

PERSONAL PROPERTY INSURANCE: As evident by intialing next to this paragraph, Lessee acknowledges he/she understands that Lessor has no insurance insuring Lessee’s personal property, any such insurance to be the sole responsibility of the Lessee (tenant). Lessor strongly recommends that Lessee (tenant) secure his/her own insurance to protect himself/herself and his/her property against all peril.

Lessor shall not be liable for personal injuries or property damage, or loss from theft, vandalism, fire, hurricane, rain, flood, explosion, or any other causes whatsoever. Lessor shall not be liable to Lessee’s invitees, family, employers, agents or pets for any personal injuries or damage to personal property caused by an act of negligence of any other person on the Lessor’s property.
Lessor shall not be held liable for personal injuries or property damage or loss from theft, vandalism, fire, hurricane, rain, flood, explosion and/or any other causes whatsoever. Lessor shall not be held liable to lessee’s invities, family, emploers, agents or pets for any personal injuries or damage to property cuased by an act of negligence of any other person on the Lessor’s property. Lessee hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lessor from and against any and all claims for damages to property or personal injury, and costs including attorney’s fees arising from Lessee’s use of the Unit. Lessee must take necessary steps to safeguard what is in the Unit.

Additional Unit(s) Lessee can at any time lease a 2nd unit, at which time a 10% rate discount will apply. However if Lessee vacates from One (1) leased unit, the 2nd unit’s rate will revert to its original rate. Lessee (Tenant) cannot unlock and/or tag and move in to another unit other than the one listed on this lease without notifying Lessor (Moss Hill Self Storage) and getting permission for doing so.
In the event that a Lessee (tenant) moves into/enters/occupies a differrent or another unit(s), whether by error or without obtaining prior persmission, this tenant will be charged a $35.00 administrative fee per unit(s) occupied. A new lease must be redrawn and signed. Failure to do so will constitute breaking and entering, and legal action will be taken against this tenant.

Lessor will have the right, in the event of emergency or in compliance with government authorities for the purpose of making inspections, repairs, or alterations to enter the Unit using whatever reasonable force is necessary and without prior notice or liablity to the Lessee.

DEFAULT: Lessee agrees that any of the following shall be deemed a default by Lessee and a breach of this lease: (a) Default in the payment of the rent when it is due, whether demand shall have been made or not; (b) any default by Lessee in the performance of any other provision, covenant or condition of this lease; (c) denial by the Lessee of any rights of Lessor in this lease; (d) any legal proceedings by or against lessee looking to a disposition of the personal property or any part thereof stored in the Unit; (e) any abandonment, desertion or vacation of the Unit by Lessee; and (f) use of the unit by Lessee or others for any illegal purpose, residence or shop (g) Lessee’s behavior is deemed unruly and/or threatening to member of Lessor’s office staff (h) Lessee is found storing Food and/ or any other prohibited material.

In the event of any such default by Lessee, Lessor may, at its option, by written notice to Lessee, terminate this lease and Lessee shall therafter have no right on the premises of Moss Hill Self Storage or to the Unit. Should Lessor act so, then Lessor may without written notice to Lessee take immediate possession of the Unit by removing Lessee’s lock, the expense of which will be charged to Lessee’s account. and taking possession of Unit and all personal property located therein. Thereafter, the rights of the Lessor as to the sale of and applicable of proceeds from sale of Lessee’s personal property shall be governed by the Maryland Self-Service Storage Act, 18-501 through 506 of the Code of Maryland.


Any remaining balance, together with any unsold property, shall revert to lessee with such property being removed from Lessor’s premises at Lessee’s expense. In addition, all of the rent for the then current period of this lease shall become due and payable whether or not such a rent has accrued subject to a credit of such net amount of rent as Lessor may receive if it shall rent the Unit, but it shall be under no obligation to rent the Unit. If Lessee fails to claim the remaining balance and any remaining property within a period of one (1) year, said balance and property becomes the property of Lessor. Lessee shall be liable for any deficiencies between the proceeds of sale of the Lessee’s property and the amount due Lessor.
Overlock: Lessee has a Five (5) days grace period to remit the rent payment. Lessee’s unit(s) will be overlocked if rent is not received after FIVE (5) days from Lessee’s unit rent due date. Overlocks will be removed when full rent is paid.
Check Payments are accepted. However, if Lessee is in default of rent payment and is past due 31+ days, Lessee’s check must clear Lessor’s Bank prior to removal of Lessor’s overlock. No check payments are accepted from Lessee (tenant) whose unit(s) is/are on auction list.
Discount: If Lessee (tenant) takes advantage of the 50% Off for 1 month rent discount for Auto-payment setup, and at any time in future rental period, the Auto-payment fails to process payment, Lessee will be charged back the discount amount given, and will be taken off Auto-payment.

NSF, FEES & CHARGES: A $35.00 service charge will be assessed to Lessee’s account for all returned checks, and $45 for CC charge back. In Addtion to
rent and other charges due hereunder Lessee agrees to pay all costs incurred by Lessor in the enforcement of the provisions of this lease and/or the collection of any amounts due hereunder. Such costs shall include, but are not limited to, Attorney’s fees, court costs, auctioneer fees and fees charged by collection agencies.

LATE FEES will be charged on the Fifth (5th) day from the rent due date: 5×5,5×10,10×10 $15.00 – 10×15 $20.00 – 10×20 $25.00 – 10×30 $35.00. This charge will continue to be assessed per past due rent period.
Email/SMS Notice: Moss Hill Self Storage requires a Lessee’s (tenant) valid email address. A one time $25 adminstrative fee will be applied to Lessee (tenant’s) account(s) who dont give an email address, and in the event email is no longer valid and is not updated with our office.
Lessee agrees that lessor can use Lessee’s electronic mail (email) on file, to send ALL letters and Default Notices as well as Public Auction Notices. This will be in lieu of mailing notices via US postal service. Lessee agrees that Lessor may choose to send SMS text to Lessee’s telephone number of file, for Any rent related reminders and notices, instead of a phone call.
Contact information: Lessee (Tenant) is responsible for updating his/her/their mailing address, telephone/contact informtion on file. In the event that mailing address and/or telephone/contact information is no longer valid, a one time $25 adminstrative fee will be applied to lessee’s (tenant) account.
Terms Changes: Lessor reserves the right to add, update and/or change certain terms of this lease agreement. Prior to doing so, Lessor must send Lessee a 30 days notice outlining the changes and/or edits. Such Notice will be emailed and mailed to Lessee’s address and email on file.
Termination: Lessor (landlord) reserves the right to terminate this lease agreement for any reason it deems necessary, at any time, and will do so by notifying Lessee by email and postal mail to Lessee’s address/email on file.TENANT ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HE/SHE HAS READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS FORM IN ADDITION TO THIS LEASE AND AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THEM. Lessee: [signature_tenant]Co-Lessee:Lessor: Moss Hill Self Storage By: [signature_manager] Manager

Lease Summary & Rules for Storing at Moss Hill Self Storage
(addendum to the attached lease agreement for your storage unit(s)

  1. Your monthly rent is [unit_price] and is due on the [tenant_duedate] of each month. We Do Not Invoice.
  2. We do not Prorate. You are liable for your full rent payment when it comes due. No partial payments accepted. No Exceptions!
  3. How To Pay:
  • Set up account and pay online:
  • Set-up Auto payment of monthly rent by credit card (CC) or debit card (DC)
  • Call in your payment by phone – Visit our office to make in person payment.
  • Mail your check or money order or drop in drop box – add your unit on check or money order
  1. Late fees: Late Fees are assessed on 5th day past due date per rent cycle: 5×10/10×10 $15 10×15 $20 10×20 $25 10×30 $35
  2. Overlock: If rent is not received on due date, unit(s) will be overlocked.
  3. We require a valid Email address. $25 administrative fee for accounts without valid email. Tenant agrees to receive all notices via email and/or SMS.
  1. Units 60 days past due for non payment of rent will be liabble to have unit(s)’ contents sold at our public auction.
  2. Payments made by another party: If individual OTHER than tenant listed on lease, wishes to make payment and/or set-up auto payment for tenant’s unit’s rent and balance, such individual must sign a CC payment agreement form.Important: Regardless of who pays for a leased unit, ONLY the tenant(s) listed on and signed the lease agreement & summary sheet has the sole legal rights and responsibility of the storage unit(s), as stated in lease agreement.
  1. Returned payments/NSF: $35.00 fee assessed for checks, $45 fee assessed for CC/DC, plus all applicable late fees. We will only accept Cash payment thereafter.
  1. Locks on Unit’s Door: Tenants must put personal lock on door. Only ONE (1) Tenant lock on door!!

ALL Leased units must have a Lock on the door. New moved-in Tenants must add personal lock before we remove our vacant lock off door.If a unit’s door lock is missing or if the door is not locked properly, we will inform the tenant. Tenant will have One (1) day to replace the door lock and/orclose unit’s door properly otherwise we will overlock unit to secure tenant’s belongigns.**A $25 lock cutoff fee will be assessed: 1- for the removal of a tenant’s second lock if necessary. 2- Cutting tenant lock to close door properly. 3- If tenant’s requires a lock cutoff ( Only if we have staff to do so).

  1. Storage Rules: Unit(s) are used ONLY to store tenant(s) belongings.

Tenant(s) will not live, sleep or stay in storage unit for any extended period of time, for any reason other than conducting regular storage activity ofmove-in and move out, and loading, unloading, packing, repacking their stored belongings during their stay.Tenant(s) will not use storage unit for office, business or shop. Tenant will not use facility electricity to hook up any devises.While at his/her/their storage unit(s) Tenant(s) will at all times keep their storage unit’s door OPEN.Tenant’s lease will be immediately terminated if Tenant(s) is/are found to be sleeping, residing, staying within the storage unit(s) with the door in a closed position at and for any length of time.We Absolutely Prohibit: The storage of ALL FOOD products for humans and pets consumption. Flammables, Hazardous materials, Tires, Explosives, Elligal or Illicit materials and/or activity. * $200.00 and up to $1000.00 Fine will be charged to tenant(s), current or moved-out, if any of above items are/or have been stored.

  1. No Overnight vehicles/trailors allowed to be parked within the facility. Tenant(s) can park vehicles outside gate overnight. If vehicle is found within facility gate overnight, we reserve the right to have it towed at tenant(s) expense.
  1. We Striclty Prohibit the operation and use of ATVs, 4wheelers, dirtbikes, or any other recreational motorized vehicles within facility and outside adjacent field. ALL violators will be prosecuted!
  1. Vacating Your Unit(s):

a– Tenant must vacate by their due date. Otherwise they are liable for another month’s rent.b– Tenant must give us 3 days notice prior to vacating unit(s). c- Tenant must Clear ALL Belongings, or will be charged a Hauling/Dump fee from $100-$250 / unit, if unit not Fully cleared!d– Tenant must remove personal lock from unit(s) door, or will continue to be LIABLE and charged for the unit’s monthly rent. e- Tenant must leave unit door open after vacating and removing all belongings.

  1. Mailing address, Email address, Contact and Payment Information MUST be kept current by Tenant. It is Tenant’s responsibility.
  2. Transfer Lease: Tenant can transfer lease to another individual by submitting a writen letter or email stating that fact and listing other party’s name.

Lease will NOT be transfered until the other party provides us all pertinent information required to lease, initial and signs new lease in person. OTHERWISE Original tenant will continue to be responsible for Lease.

  1. Please leave aisles clear Do not block aisles and do not leave belongings or litter outside unit(s). Tenant (Lessee) will be charged a trash removal fee from $45 – $200 if trash, litter, belonigngs are left outside unit(s).
  1. Children and Pets: Please do not let children and/or pets run free within facility as we spray and maintain for pest control. Pet owners are required to pick-up after their pets within facility.
  1. Moss Hill Self Storage reserves the right to terminate tenant(s) lease at any time it deems necessary and for any reason.
  2. Office hours: M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm Sat 10:00am – 1:00pm Sun Closed.

Tenant’s can leave a message after hours. Calls will be returned on the following business day.

We greatly appreciate your business. By signing bellow you have read and agree to adhere to the terms, rules and regulations listed above and on your Lease agreement with Moss Hill Self Storage.

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