How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths at Home

What is the best course of action if you are trying to get rid of clothes moths? If you suspect clothes moths have found their way into your storage space, there are steps you can take to clear out the pests and take precautions to prevent future infestations. Stirling Storage in Phoenixville, PA, masters all things self storage—from rentals to supplies to self storage maintenance tips. Follow the steps below to get rid of the clothes moths in your storage!

how to get rid of clothes moths

How You Can Get Rid of Clothes Moths & Keep Them Gone

Identify the Clothes Moths as the Threat

There are a number of pests that could potentially find their way into your storage, so how do you know you are dealing with clothes moths? They will leave behind holes in your fabrics and possibly a web material. Clothes moths will especially go after fibers that are animal-based—cashmere, fur, wool, etc.

As adults, the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moths are yellowish or gray color and about a centimeter long, but it is when they are larvae that do the most damage to your clothing.

Assess the Damage & Take Action

As soon as you know you are dealing with clothes moths and not another problem, you can start to take action. You will want to sift through your storage space for affected items. Some may make a recovery after being run through the wash, but it is possible some pieces of clothing will end up past the point of repair. Clear through your fabrics, clean them as their washing directions say appropriate, and then clean your storage space.

Whether you are storing in a storage unit or your home closet, you will want to clean the space after clearing out the effected items. Vacuum the space well, especially if the area has a thick carpeting. Then, if necessary, shampoo or steam clean further. Dispose of the vacuum bag right away to avoid re-infestation.

Pack with Caution

There are some ways you can prevent clothes moths when packing up your clothes. Use air-tight containers for the best protection. When using other methods, like garment bags, you can tape up seams and other places that can form holes over time.

In order to keep your storage space from attracting clothes moths, try to keep it from becoming their ideal environment—dark and humid. Obviously this is tricky in a storage unit or compact home space, but you can combat it by visit your storage space every so often to check on your items and move them around. Create some airflow in the area, so any pests are disrupted.

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