How do you know which storage unit you need?

When the summer sun hits you want to get outside and enjoy the weather. Do you know where you’re storing the extra belongings from your house? A storage unit at Stirling Storage in Phoenixville, PA has the security and options to help keep all your gear protected. Our sizing chart will show you what we recommend for each size.

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When the spring cleaning project needs a little assistance or the yard sale merchandise needs a new home, a small unit this size is perfect. A few boxes along with a mattress and dresser will fit comfortably inside this space. With 25 square feet to utilize you will be amazed at how great this is for seasonal items.


Temperature Controlled

With a temperature controlled space you can rest easy while you soak up the summer sun or stay warm by the fire. A unit with this feature is helpful when the seasons change and moisture could cause trouble in your unit. We recommend protecting your items with Damp-Rip for every unit, but a temperature controlled storage space is the extra feature you want.



If you are moving rooms around at home or the office and need a place to keep the extra supplies a 10×10 has the right amount of square footage. Store some of the large items like mattresses, dressers and vanities, while still leaving room for moving boxes and lights.



Switching houses? If you have been searching for a large space that will hold all your gear, a 10×30 storage unit in Phoenixville, PA is right around the corner at Stirling Storage. Store every room in the house or every desk and chair from the office, no matter your situation a 300 square foot space is ideal for you.


Here at Stirling Storage we know choosing the right storage unit can be a challenge. With so many options it’s hard to narrow it down, but with a little guidance from us we can show you how our space can work for you!

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