Motorcycle Storage: Tips for Winter

Now that the trees are changing and the degrees are dropping, it is time to consider what to do with the motorcycle. Stirling Storage has drive up units capable of storing your vehicle on two wheels. See what Phoenixville PA motorcycle storage tips we suggest to help you through this winter.

How to properly use motorcycle storage

Phoenixville PA Motorcycle Storage

  • Flushing brake lines and gas lines is great to do once a year. Focus on doing this task before starting it up for the spring or before going into storage.
  • Keep the bike out of sunlight as these harsh rays can dull your paint.
  • Make your motorcycle shine before storage. Clean all the dirt off and be on the lookout for spots needing extra attention.
  • Greasing the cylinders now helps protect them when the temperatures really start to drop.
  • Most think to cancel or lessen insurance when they move the bike to storage but that is not a good idea as you may forget in the spring.
  • Lastly, place a fitted cover over the bike for the ultimate all weather protection.

Keeping your belongings safe while you enjoy the change in seasons is what we aim to do. For those more complicated items, like vehicles and RVs some of the same rules apply. Find the indoor storage unit that works for your gear and the drive up units to store the rest.

If you need help figuring out your next storage rental, our storage professionals can be of assistance. Give us a call or start the storage rental process online.

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