Tip 3 Tips for Storing Sporting Equipment

Playing a quick game a football in the summer and skiing the slops in the winter are all fun activities, but where do you store your gear when it is over? When it comes time to put the skies away and switch them out for soccer balls and basketball hoops, a seasonal storage unit comes in handy. Stirling Storage offers small storage units and large so you have all the space you need. Our tips will guide you through storing all your sports equipment.

Phoenixville PA seasonal storage

Use shelves, bags, and bins

Being creative is important when your space is limited. Install a shelving unit and designate each shelf for a specific person in your family or type of tool. Bags and bins will also help gather any miscellaneous gear such as balls and small toys. These tend to get lost in the mix and a bag will keep them from rolling around the unit or garage.

Use overhead space

Utilize all the space you have. If you are storing at home in the garage, remember a few hooks will support bikes as they hang from the ceiling. Overhead space is sometimes not available and if that is the case the same hooks can support your bike while on the wall.

Prepare gear before you store

After every season have the family go through their equipment and determine what is going to get stored. If something is past its prime, dispose of it and put it on the list to get replaced. Some items may still be usable but are not seeing their full potential. Donate these to an organization that would. Toys can go to after school programs or parks, and clothes can go to the local thrift store.

Lastly, our experts have tips and answers when you need to save space and the budget. Stirling Storage has seasonal storage for you!

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