Tips for packing before getting to your unit

Are you looking forward to nicer weather? Stirling Storage is here to assist in these last weeks of winter by packing for your unit. You need storage packing tips that will keep everything safe and keep you on budget, our units are the solution this season. Our suggestions below are great resources for your first move into storage as well as the latest seasonal swap.

Soon the kids will be out of school and your summer schedule will start to fill up, now is a perfect time to clean and clear out your space.

Phoenixville PA storage packing tips

  • Once gear is packed, stop by your unit to plan where things will go. Lay a barrier down to stop moisture build up on the boxes.
  • Keep a few boxes off to the side with important documents or necessities that need to be front and center.
  • You can store your mattress on its side however over a few months the form may start to sag. Put your covered mattress on the floor flat under a table with a couple light boxes on top.
  • Use your space inside dressers and appliances as storage.
  • The week before moving, unplug appliances like the freezer so ice can melt outside rather then in your unit. Do not forget a towel in front to soak up water.
  • If your artwork is framed you want to avoid glass shattering so place an X out of tape across the surface. If an accident does happen the pieces will not go everywhere.
  • While you take apart furniture keep screws and other important pieces clearly marked and in a safe location, i.e. the toolbox.
  • Professional movers can simplify moving heavy pieces; they have the appropriate tools to lift your heaviest furniture.
  • In every step of the packing process keep your categories together. Avoid mixing kitchen gadgets with clothes for example, this way nothing is misplaced.
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